Happy Birthday

On Saturday, July 16, 2016 the WMU hosted a Birthday Party celebrating the birth of every woman in our congregation.

The basement was decorated with signs depicting the various stages our bodies go through as it ages: Arthritis Avenue, Wrinkle Road, Memory Detour, etc. 

The tables were decorated by the ladies and were beautifully and creatively done.

We played several games with the highlight of the party being the "Balloon But Burst." We had six ladies pairing into three teams. Balloons were placed on the hips of each team and the goal was to see which team could burst the ballon first. It was hilarious and the winning team was Sis. Lola Gentry and Sis. Jessie Parrish.

The menu was ham, turkey and cheese croissant sandwhiches, chicken salad croissant sandwhiches, lettuce and tomatoes, deviled eggs, potato chips, a carved watermelon by Jan Culbreth, tea and leomade.

We then sang various versions of "Happy Birthday" and enjoyed cake and ice cream.

We ended the celebration with door prize drawings and each lady was given a bag of candy.

The oldest woman there was Sis Cora Brantley who is 90 and our oldest member is Sis. Emma Scott at 96 but was unable to attend.

Thank you ladies for your participation in making it a fun afternoon.

Inclement Weather

Due to the recent snow storm,  all services for the weekend has been cancelled.